Sunday, July 28, 2013

Alaska - Day Three

Woke up and had a quick breakfast, then off to the screening room for a 10 am screening of the movie Kinky Boots. I had seen it years ago but forgot most of it. It was really fun, loved it.
Scenic cruising was advertised next and was it ever. We went through a fiord, then another fiord, and we were right in front of a glacier! We couldn`t get too close as it was pouring rain and the place was full of icebergs. I was like “Thank you Alberto, for booking me on the Titanic!” but although we ran into some small icebergs we never crashed. It was nice, beautiful scenery, we saw a whale and they served pea soup on the deck and it was amazing. We spent hours there, and I did manage to buy a jacket that was waterproof. Why didn’t they tell me it would be cold and rainy??? Maybe they did but it was in Fahrenheit. Who knows what any of those numbers mean. I did get the idea to head down where the lifeboats were.  There was far less people and we didn’t have to stand in the rain. Same amazing views.

Back inside for a quick warm up and off to Til Death Do Us Part (The Newlywed Game). Always good for a few laughs. Over to dinner, and Alberto sat beside this annoying old man who wouldn’t shut up. He was like “Kill me!” It was quite amusing. On my side I had a charming couple from New York, they went to a lot of theatre and one had written an off-Broadway play, so we chatted happily about that. Alberto kept trying to kill me.
Drag show with Varla Jean Merman. A little more gross-out than I like and no replacement for the incomparable Miss Richfield. Still it was enough fun.
Final event of the evening was Bearaoke. A ship friend of ours was singing so we wanted to see him, the actor from Next to Normal. After an eternity of bad singers he came up. I don’t understand this whole karaoke thing, these people who went up were flipping terrible. They forgot the words, couldn’t sing in key, didn’t seem to know any of the words, they wouldn’t look at the audience. An abomination. I don’t understand. Our friend was pretty good, then off to bed.


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