Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jasper – Day Two

An amazing day today!
We rented a car this morning and went to a path to “the edge of the world” and a local glacier, Angel Glacier at Mount Edith Cavelle. Came back to down and had lunch at Famoso, where my brother Arthur works. I had a mushroom pizza with a mango gelato and I loved it.


After lunch back in the car and over to the Jasper tram. We took it up to the top of Whistlers mountain, then decided to trek to the summit. The mountain air was so thin I thought I would die. I was gasping for breath and had to sit down every 15 steps or so.
This is me with Jasper the Bear.

Here's the cable car. Only two are on the line, one going up and one going down.

They say the town of Jasper is shaped like a "J".

This is the walk up. It doesn't look like death valley, but keep in mind there is no air.
No plants up there, and few animals.

There's a 360 degree view of mountains at the top. Arthur had a magic camera so he took this 360 degree photo, click to enlarge.

 We drove over to the Legion where Arthur works and had dinner, an amazing locally sourced pasta dish.
Afterward we went to Pyramid Lake and sat and relaxed with some breathtaking views. I also got bitten by a million mosquitoes.
The internet here is terrible, like worse than dial up as it’s slower than dial up and cuts out every 10 seconds or so. For me, this is Hell.
Apparently there's lots of elk here.


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