Sunday, July 21, 2013

Seattle - Day Three

A little less good today. I generally try not to write negative things in the blog because I don't want to remember them.  Like I'm at McDonalds here having their new egg white breakfast sandwich, and I get to almost the last bite and notice some mould on the bun.  Was it a good moment?  No.  But I don't need to relive it again later.
Today was a bit like that.  
There's loads of duck tour buses driving around here, and yesterday one passed me playing One Direction and they seemed to be having fun, and Zayn from 1D is one of my reasons for living, so I went on the tour today.
First off I woke up a bit late, like noon.  When I bought the ticket, they only had one for 2 hours in the future so I had to go home and come back.  When I got there it was a bit unorganized, in that it said where the waiting area was for the tour and their was a big sign there saying "Construction, Do Not Enter" so I just hung around and climbed on last just before the thing left.  It was also over $30 for a 1.5 hour tour.
I sit down beside the world's largest man.  He was filling both seats before I got there and during the ride parts of him kept oozing into me.  He was balding, sweaty, and to top it off, no fun.  While everyone is cheering and singing, he's on his phone reading the newspaper.  And oozing onto me.

Here's our boat going in the water. 
This is a house boat, or floating house thing they have here.  It seems awesome to me.  I guess we don't have that due to the lake freezing?
And here's another shot of the market as we drove past it at 70 miles an hour.
See this is another problem with the tour.  They hire some escaped mental patient who has 75 different hats to drive you around at 70 mph while everyone practices their duck calls in the back. Seriously.
So lots of songs from the 80's or the 40's, or whenever this guy thought he was cool.  Less information about Seattle. And my bus didn't even play One Direction!

Came back home for an hour, then off to my video game theatre festival.
This was also a bust.  The door man was the rudest person I've ever seen.  The woman at the bar didn't have Coke Zero, didn't even have Coke, but had a "Cola" and she said "most people think it tastes weird."  When the thing started it was a couple playing a concertina and singing the worst song I'd ever heard, followed by a 300 pound woman doing a strip tease and some girl mumbling something I couldn't hear. I left at intermission.

The good news is the cruise is tomorrow.  It sounds like there's a Justin Bieber concert outside my window here with all the shrieking so that should make it easy to get to sleep.  I have to put my computer away.  Last night I left it beside me and fell asleep and kicked it off in the night.  Good times!

Will blog about the cruise when I get off on the 29th.  Radio silence for now, ciao!

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