Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Alaska - Day Six

Woke up early again. At least in the Caribbean they let you sleep in! Here our call was only until 12:30 so we were up early again. Dawn. Off to Ketchikan, Alaska. We walked around town for a bit, then off to the Lumberjack show. This was almost $40 for a one hour show, it was scripted, the tricks were cute enough, the script kind of made it bearable, over priced though I thought. Alberto liked it.

Back on the ship for another pool game, then a disco nap. Everything on this cruise is gay, even a nap is a “disco nap”. Went to book another cruise, this one on the Baltic coast, Berlin, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Russia. I asked how would could all go to Russia without being arrested and he said not to worry, it wasn’t that bad. It’s more a fight for ideology than anything else. But the people on the news getting punched in the face didn’t seem to have their ideology wounded.... Still I’ve always wanted to go to Russia, it was only $1,000, so I booked.  July 2014, stay tuned.
The dating game was next and dinner with Jude and Larry, new friends from New York. They’re booked on both my February cruise and the Baltic one so we’ll see them again.
Back to Michael and Andy Do It, but it was a repeat so I didn’t stay for the whole thing.
Off to the Our Lady J finale show, then the biggest party, which was for leather. I’m not so into the big night parties so I just did a couple walk-throughs. The best part was this guy Alberto doesn’t like kept talking to him. I insisted on a couple of photos of them together and Alberto kept shooting me looks like he was going to kill me and I was doubled over with laughter.
Also before the leather do I got to meet Stephen Guarino from Bear City 2 and Happy Endings

This guy was the guy I liked the best. I really like tall skinny guys and find they never usually wear this little as they are usually self-conscious, but I really liked him. Unfortunately standing next to him, we look like Abbot and Costello.

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