Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Alaska - Day 7

A slower day today. Read my book, got up late.
A salmon themed tea-dance was fun, probably the most dancing I’ve done on the cruise. Good times, good show.

Oh, no, some bad people that look like our friend Mark and his partner Mike are coming to preach hate and Charlotte's Web...
Thankfully an angel that looks like our cruise director Brad is here to save the day!
 This evening we had a port of call in Victoria, B.C. I’ve been before, we bought a city tour for $20 on a double-Decker bus that was quite nice. The only negative was the bus couldn’t really stop anywhere so all the photos are blurry. They have a deer problem in Victoria, with several roaming the streets. We saw a couple and the bus slowed briefly. Very briefly.
Now I have to pack, it’s 10 pm, we have the all star finale show at 11.

The all star show was amazing, the best show of the cruise. Another great cruise, loved it.
I am going on the next one in February, to the Caribbean. Also on this cruise I booked the Baltic cruise in July 2014, Helsinki to St. Petersburg, Russia!

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