Sunday, July 28, 2013

Alaska - Day Five

Woke up a little later and went into town as our tour wasn’t until noon. Sitka is very small, tiny, like Minden where I grew up. Small. So we walked through the town which took 10 minutes and managed to have 5 minutes on the internet before our trip. Mark and his partner Mike just happened to be along, which was cool. 
These were photos from the wandering before our tour. Alaska used to be owned by Russia we started at a Russian Orthodox church. No chairs, the devout must stand.
Alberto has an amazing camera, I actually just now bought it off eBay. A Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H70. I liked his photos so much better than mine that it convinced me.

First stop was a fish hatchery. We saw salmon swimming upstream and learned how a hatchery works. We got to touch some water animals but they were mostly slimy and I screamed like a little girl at least twice. Everywhere we went the Salmon were trying to swim upstream. Even in their cage.

Another reason I hate this camera, it turns photos and won't let me turn them back!
Stop two was a bear sanctuary, which was the best stop of the three. Loved watching the bears, could have done that all day. They’re so big but they love to play and would come and say hi.

Stop three was a raptor centre which had about 20 bald eagles, a whole lot, in one room. One way glass prevented them from knowing we were there which was good for their nerves. After that we sat in a room and saw a short video, then a man walked in with a real bald eagle on his arm, a “teaching eagle” and that was awesome. There were plenty of smaller birds outside, including some charming owls, and then rush back to the ship for an early departure.

Back on ship we were starving to death. We had a quick lunch, then off to the disco t-dance to see Mark do his number, then off to see Kathy Najimy with her comedy show.

Now I’m in my room dressed in drag waiting for Alberto to come back from the show so we can go out. Oh my. I walked around in the heels earlier, it wasn’t as easy as it seemed!
I’m watching Sister Act.
Back now, I can’t believe how much those shoes hurt. The costume contest was fun, the winners were bad girls of the eighties and they deserved it, they had a great act.
We had our pictures taken professionally but I can’t believe how much they were, $40 for a photo!  Yikes!

The interpreter was very young and cute.

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