Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Travelling – Day Two / Jasper – Day One

We’re in Kamloops now and it’s 6 a.m. I was up at 5:10 with the sun, almost the whole train is up now. Good times. Breakfast isn’t served for another hour.
While we were moving still at 5:30 I went into the dome car and took a few photos of the amazing view. This older man was talking very loudly, very loudly, to a woman about his illness, his ex-wife, his problems, etc. and I really didn’t want to listen, plus it was very cold in there and all my clothes are in my checked bags. I have shorts and a t-shirt. So I’m back at my seat now, waiting for us to get on the road again.

Breakfast and lunch were both good, they have a cook onboard, but it’s a little pricey at $8 a time. Still, not terrible.  I’m reading Atlas, Shrugged and contemplating socialism and the balance between profit and responsibility to provide a meal to people with nowhere else to go. I suppose it’s reasonable. Breakfast was bacon, eggs, English muffin and hash browns. Lunch was grilled cheese with pickle, salad, potato/egg salad and a pickle slice. They used real cheese and brown bread, so what do you want.
Lots of nice views that I’m sure I’d be appreciating more if I hadn’t just been to Alaska, but also lots of trees and trees. And trees.


Three hours left till I get to Jasper, my lower back is starting to complain.

Got to Jasper fine and my brother Arthur was there waiting for me which was nice! We went for dinner and walked all around town, it was very nice to see him. We went and met up with a few of his friends and then I had an early night as I was tired from traveling.
Here he is in his room:

The two of us together.
And his large group of amazingly nice friends!

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