Sunday, July 28, 2013

Alaska - Day Two

Woke up around 10 and Alberto did the country two step.  Off to brunch with Caster and John.  It seems like everyone’s name here is John. They and another couple were great fun, much amusement was had over the fact that I didn’t bring a sweater or jacket. There was talk of knitting me one.
Over to the closed in pool deck. It’s about 15 degrees here so no sun bathing. Drag games for an hour or so, followed by a nap and reading.  Alberto and I are both reading Death in Key West by Jeffrey Round. I can’t put it down!
A walk through the Lumberjack tea dance, everyone was dressed so manly it was a bear festival! Not too much dancing again, off to dinner. Alberto is eating this desert with wine on the bottom and he says “Ask the guy beside you if he can taste the wine on the bottom.” So I said to the guy beside me “Alberto wants to know if you’re a bottom.”
Michael and Andy do it was next.  A super couple show with an actor from Smash and another from the movie Source Code (I asked, he was the bomber), among other things.  A super singing sensation, backed by Our Lady J, who performed next with a Dolly Parton tribute show. It kicked ass, love her.

 We walked through the Lumberjack party but it was scary. Music from Satan`s playlist and lots of bears with no deodorant. Ugh.  Off to bed.

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