Saturday, July 20, 2013

Seattle - Day Two

The weather is very nice here.  Perhaps being so close to the ocean, it's cooler?  There's an overcast haze every morning so far that burns off around noon.  Days are nice with a breeze, nights a little cool.

This is my room, this place is really nice.  All the beds have their own four plug outlet, lots of places you have to fight to the death for a plug.  All the beds have their own lights and fans and you can pull the curtain around the bed for privacy.  It's a sweet set-up.
Started the day at the Columbia Centre Sky View Observatory.  There was a lot of haze and I had time to kill so I sat and read my book for an hour and a half while the haze burned off.  These are the after photos.
I had the place pretty much to myself for a while, it was nice and quiet.

Went to Chinatown for lunch.  It's kind of small and crappy.  The most spaced out Chinatown I've ever been to and not that big, I was expecting more really.  One BBQ pork restaurant is not enough!  Although it was good.
This is a public square area, but even still, not too many people.
The pinball museum was the best thing so far, loved it.  I remember my mom getting all excited about playing pinball and wondering if she had been dropped on her head as a child, but it's mostly fun.  The bad part is of course when you launch the ball and it goes around and immediately in the gutter.  But lots of the machines have their own kicks and with so many in the museum, it took me over 2 hours just to have one game on each of them.  Well worth the $13 admission, very fun, I just played, not a care in the world.
This was was a retro 1960's game:
This one was my favourite of all of them, Scared Stiff by Elvira.  It had a mystery box and when you hit it enough times it would open and the dialogue was really good.
This one was fun.  I like fans, I usually always have one on, and this game had it's own fan built in.  It's called Whirlwind and as things get hairy in the game the fan comes on from the top and blows you around in real life.  A cool gimick.
The museum had a 2nd floor, here the view of the main floor from there.
Dinner and a quick nap, then off to see Hairspray the movie in the park in the dark with Clark.  The original Divine version which I had never seen.  Loads more people there than I thought there would be.
A great atmosphere in the crowd and I really enjoyed the movie.  A quick walk home and I'm done.
12:30, sleepy now.  Art gallery tomorrow.

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