Sunday, July 28, 2013

Alaska - Day Four

Woke up a little late this morning as the alarm was set for PM but Alberto made it in time. We went out for our tour, and took the bus about 20 minutes to the dog musher’s camp. The road was crazy, it was more of a little dirt trail with precipitous cliffs than a road. The bus just made it in. They said Juneau is a town of 30,000 people with a million people coming through on cruise ships each year. Anyway, the dog camp was amazing, the dogs were smaller than the huskies I was expecting. They were all very excited and cute. One of the most amazing things was the dogs obeyed the very slightest command of our musher leader. She’d say this quiet tiny word and the dogs way in the front would turn left, it was crazy. They stopped for a small break after pulling the 7 of us and I asked as we were in the back if we could switch for the front and they let us. Very cool.
Back at the camp we got to pet all the dogs, who smelled a bit like wet dog, but were all very charming. After that a little talk in camp and then the puppies! Loved them! I had one puppy who was antsy, but the next one I got fell asleep on my shoulder! I loved it, I wanted to take it home.
I really wanted to take it home.


We had to leave it there and went back to the boat. We bought a ticket to the Mendenhall Glacier for $16 return which was a good deal. The woman who drove the shuttle was crazy. Once we got there we saw salmon swimming upstream. Off to the glacier in the rain, only a 2 mile walk. It was very wet and starting to get cold but amazing views, very glad I went. We got to touch glacier ice back at the visitor’s centre and on the way back to the bus we saw a bear family eating the salmon in the stream, it was a mother and her 2 cubs. She was very close and didn’t care about us at all.


We got the shuttle back and still had just over an hour so we paid $31 to take the tram to the top of the mountain. Well, I thought it was the top, but once you get there it’s just more climbing, I thought it would never end. Was very tired but there was stunning vistas, very glad we did it. Started running out of time to come back but we made it with about 15 minutes to spare.

Had a shower to wash off rain and the scent of dog, then to dinner and a show, Amy and Freddie. They were cute for a taste. Tonight is the desert extravaganza. Another photo opportunity to see my friend Mark.
Tomorrow is Sitka and drag at night!
There was a rainbow outside our restaurant window.

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