Sunday, December 14, 2008


One negative thing about having friends that are ALL older than you is you get no sympathy for hitting milestone birthdays. You can't ask people over forty to feel for you turning 30, it doesn't work. But I have compensations, it's easier to feel young when you're dating a man in his 40's.
I went to a birthday brunch today, here I am grinning like an idiot and a GREAT picture of my friend Joe.

There were others there who, for blog purposes, don't exist. I don't think I have yet reached the level of international fame but people seem shy about appearing on here, my blog for friends and family. People are weird about the internet. My boss for example will never use her credit card on the internet. Oh how rich I'd be if I adopted that philosophy!

I won't be seeing my boyfriend tomorrow night and so I'll be spending a few hours today and tomorrow practicing not being bitter about that. But I will be seeing my new masseuse Gabriel for lunch. Should be delicious!

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