Friday, December 5, 2008

Doggy Santa

I've lost weight recently. Someone at work yesterday said I looked "thin" with perhaps a bit too much surprise in her voice, but I'll take it. I feel good.

Speaking of feeling good, I was at the grocery store tonight and the vegan bakery was giving out free samples. Apparently they're setting up a stand there. This is good as it means veganism is taking off, as I knew it would. If you could not harm animals, have great taste and lose weight who wouldn't take it?
The negative thing is they have things like carrot cake and vegan chocolate fudge cheesecake which will be the finish of me.

Sunday I'm going to an event with dogs getting their pictures taken with Santa. I've been asked to help. I hope this doesn't mean I have to wear the suit. I've lost weight, remember???

Flirted today with the cleaner at work. He's cute.
Tried to establish some common ground.

Said I'm going to see Milk - he hates art movies and art (?) and prefers the new Reese Witherspoon chick flick.

Said I'm going on a gay cruise - he hates the heat and prefers New York City.

I said I love NYC, I love Broadway - he hates plays but is going to see "The Little Mermaid" as he loves Disney musicals.

Was he born a woman?

Said I liked baseball and he said the only time he would run is if he was being chased. A match made in heaven!

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