Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hot Yoga

I was a little unsure of the hot yoga.
Would it be like this:

Well it turns out it was more like this:

I was a bit nervous walking in. You go in and the room is dark and everyone's laying on their mats and it's hot. Not stupid hot, but like 30 degrees. They said to bring 2 things, a towel and water, and I forgot the water.
It was a great class, more active than I thought. I thought it was like you get in a position and then hold that position but there were times with a lot of movement but overall it was low impact, you sweat a lot and feel re-energized. I want to go back.

There's a tradition at my work very few people know about. Every year we have a pot luck lunch. So what happens every year is I talk up some dish I can make to everyone and say how great it is. Then before the event, I spend hours cooking and in the last five minutes I add something and completely ruin it. What's fun is that every year I make something different and ruin it in a completely different way. So it keeps everyone guessing and adds to the holiday fun!

This year I made spaghetti and then at the last minute added far too much garlic. I've never ruined anything with too much garlic before so the tradition is kept alive!

If I ever get to sit down, I hope to watch this movie I just got:

Oh and I bought a new cordless phone. It has like 80 features and is a miracle of modern science and was only $15!
It keeps beeping and I can't get a dial tone but it looks good!

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