Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's a dogs life

There was one point in my life I thought of getting a dog. It would be nice to take them for a walk. After today, that idea is gone. Ciao. Adios. No more.
Of course my cat could shut up too.

There's an old Hollywood saying "Never work with kids or animals." Now I know why.
Here's my dad's dog Poppy:

And here's some action shots of the day:

This fellow on the left was the only attractive guy all day.

It wasn't that bad an experience but I can't imagine anyone wanting to do this.
My job was just to hit print on the printer which was easy, but people would say things like
"Can you lighten that up?"
"Can you hurry up?"
"Can I get that other shot we took?"
So I would remind them that my job was to push the button and talk to someone else.

Overall dogs require so much attention I don't know how anyone does it. There were loads of people who were fou-fou dog owners. Does a dog need a stroller?

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