Monday, December 15, 2008


An eventful day. I didn't actually have time to return everyone's calls and emails who contacted me today which is cool. It's nice to feel special on your birthday. I must really make more of an effort to remember oh, ANYONE ELSE'S birthday. I'm a total boy that way. The fellow I'm dating? I don't remember the season he was born in, let alone the date. My longest friend of 12 years Chris? I'm going to guess April, maybe May. I know my father and my grandmother were born on the same day, but I don't know the day. I know my mom's birthday but she's on the run from the KGB. Everyone else is a blur.

So I went to work and got a few cards and things. My boss gave me a card:
Before I knew it the time came for my massage!

So I walk over to the clinic and have to fill in the forms. They said "Age:" and I had to write 30 for the first time. It turns out too that the guy I thought was Gabriel is actually a chiropractor and actual Gabriel is this VERY heterosexual guy from Romania. That sucked. He mentioned he used to be a gym teacher and I had visions of high school gym class during the whole massage. He kept saying "Why are you here?" and I couldn't really say "Because my insurance is paying me to get rubbed by a man" so I kept rambling on about phantom pains.

The massage itself was pretty good, how can a massage be bad? I took off ALL my clothes for the first time and that worked out well. These people are the art of covering, I swear there's classes on how to fold and unfold a sheet so nothing is exposed. I have an appointment to go back on Friday. It was ok and he was nice but just like a jock, former gym teacher, into sports massage. Not what I had pictured.

On the way back to work I noticed a Yoga studio and walked in. They have a special, for $20 you can take as many classes as you want in one week and figure out what you like so I'm going to do that. It seems like it would be great for exercise as I doubt I'll ever join a gym. Plus on Sunday they have a one hour meditation class that's FREE. I'm so there.

Dinner was amazing, great company with my most excellent friend Gerry who stepped in at the last minute and is great to talk to. Had pasta with spinach and sun-dried tomatoes and feta. It was amazing, and I consider feta to be less of an offense than cow's cheese. Plus I love it. Plus it was my birthday.

Now I'm trying to find a $25 gift to take to my family's Christmas party Saturday. Suggestions welcome. I'm looking up ideas on the net, will post some here:
  • Assortment of Batteries

  • Ovulation Test Strips (what is this?)

  • Hair Removal wax kit

  • A "movie night" pack, which could include a coupon from Blockbuster for a DVD rental and a package of microwave popcorn plus some Jujubees

  • Plastic storage containers from the kitchen filled with snack food or home baked treats

  • Big and Gaudy Lawn Ornament

  • BBQ gift set
Do people on planet earth actually want any of this stuff? I think my problem is that I'm thinking of gifts I would want. Is it possible I don't have standard taste?

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