Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pink Triangle

Michlean L. Amir, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

I visited your museum this summer.
I was looking for Object Number IL94.6.1, a patch with pink triangle worn by Concentration Camp internee to indicate that prisoner was gay. Your USHMM database indicated the item was on display but when I spent 2 hours looking for it with several members of your staff it was determined it was not on display.

I spoke to a woman in your library who said the item had been rotated out, that not all items were on display at all times. I found this strange as this is the only authenticated pink triangle on the planet, donated by Heinz Heger, author of the book "The Men with the Pink Triangles".
Later I spoke to her again and she mentioned the item had been pulled from the collection due to questions about its authenticity. This I would think would be major international news, again with only one of these items remaining.

So I am writing to obtain verification. Is the item now on display? Are there questions about its authenticity? Is it possible for me to have a scan of this item?

Thank you, I appreciate your time,
Adam Dunn

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