Sunday, December 14, 2008

Movies that make me cry

I've been reviewing movies that make me cry. And as I've been Googling lists, I sometimes come upon a movie that makes me suck in your breath and go "Ohhhh... yes." And here they are, in teary order.

9. Titanic - Slowly freezing to death, Jack professes his love to Rose. She lets go of his hand, and he slips into the dark, unyielding sea.

8. Schindler's List - So many points in this movie. The most moving is when Schindler realizes the gravity of wiping out an entire people and surrounded by the few remaining Jews, says "I could have done more."

7. Field of Dreams - At the very end when Ray's dad comes out of the cornfield and they have a game of catch.

6. Steel Magnolias - Surrounded by friends at her daughter's grave, Sally Field rages from hysterical anger to glacial calm. The tears don't stop until the audacious moment when Olympia Dukakis offers Shirley MacLaine to her as a punching bag.

5. Jerry Maguire - When Tom Cruise, the master of living the life and playing it cool, has the first real moment of his life, and says to his wife "You complete me."

4. Philadelphia - During Beckett's wake, Neil Young's mournful title track echoes in the background to home movies of the deceased as a little boy, walking with his mom on the beach and making funny faces.

3. The Color Purple - When Whoopie Goldberg finally, after an entire lifetime, sees her children.

2. Brokeback Mountain - His lifelong love dead, crestfallen Ennis clings for dear life to Jack's tattered old shirt

1. Good Will Hunting - When Robin Williams says to Will "It's not your fault" and repeats it, until Will, finally letting down his defenses, believes it.

I cried as I typed that last synopsis.

The times I've cried most in my life were not from movies though.
The second time I saw Rent, I knew what was coming and I cried straight through, from the third song in to the very end.

The time I cried the most in my life was when I read "The Grapes of Wrath". The last two pages, still to this day when I read them, I cry and cry. When I first finished the book, I set it down and cried for about 3 hours. I felt the book had captured the essence of humanity. It changed my life.

I can I just say to the person who picked "Armageddon" as the movie that made them cry the most, please don't reproduce.

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