Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Camera / Milk

I got my new camera. It is officially the coolest thing on planet earth and exactly what I wanted.
The best feature is it can automatically recognize faces. How does it know what is a face and what isn't? Magic?
Some pictures from my new camera:

This girl is far away:

The camera is useful for taking pictures of people far away without them knowing. I'm not sure why it only focused on her and the rest are blurry. I have to read the manual.

Outside my subway stop:


I am now piss poor but I have some cruise clothes.
I got this from Priape:

I've been looking for a shirt with snaps for about a year and this one is awesome. Check out the fraying on the bottom. Cool.
I noticed after I bought it it has some stuff on the back.

This t-shirt is from Andrew Christian, fits me perfectly so I can never wash it or wear it until the cruise but it makes me look 10 pounds lighter. A miracle garment.

Here are my short shorts. This is the style I wanted. They are small and tight and I asked the shop guy to tell me honestly, are they tight because they're too small or because they're supposed to look like that? He said they were on purpose tight and my butt looked good so I instantly bought them.

And this is the funniest shirt I've ever seen:

After shopping I went to see Milk with my dad and Linda. It was very good, powerful and moving with great acting. I loved all the gay liberation moments, they made me cry often. Seeing 30,000 people shouting "Gay rights now" is very moving to me. I feel gays don't have much documentation of their civil rights struggles and few watershed moments so this was great.

There was a line, something like:
"I have had 4 serious relationships and 3 of those men tried to commit suicide because they were gay. You are fighting for morals, we are literally fighting for our lives."
and I cried again.

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