Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cruise - Jan 28-09

As we leave Haiti and I didn't see any of it. Nice mountains.

Ice show was kind of dumb.

Comedian Alec Mapa.

Hottie Charlie who works for the cruise company. Yum.

Hottie Charlie again. Less yum.

The dining room. Amazing food and service.

Super heroes.

Disco party this afternoon. "Disco sucks but I swallow"

This guy reminded me of He Man and I fell in love with him. I have like a photo album full of photos of him.

Tonight's Mardi Gras party.

Gay hypnotist show was quite good.

Drag cabaret, amazing show with a great sing-a-long. At the end we sang "The Rainbow Connection" and all the gays singing together and showtunes and it was quite fun, a warm fuzzy moment and she was super funny too. Loved it!

The Dating Game.

Broadway tribute show. This was "Masquerade" from Phantom of the Opera. Show was good too.

What an awesome time. When to write anything? Every day is so busy!

This is the most fun vacation I've ever been on, really.


The boat docked in Haiti today and I didn't even get off, I was having too much fun here.

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