Saturday, January 24, 2009

Miami - Day One

Miraculously I got picked up on time and got to the air port on time and woke up on time! Hurrah!

As usual the internet here is screwed up and I barely have a signal but it seems to be working a little.

Let's start this off with a quiz. Which of the following stupid things did I do? (I'll set up the answer to appear here automatically at 2 pm, with photos.)

a) Dye my hair pink
b) Get a tattoo
c) Pierce my nipple

I did one of those!

So while I'm waiting 100 years for the photos to upload, I'll talk about the day. I got to the airport on time and they told me my flight was canceled. This ended up being ok as they offered me a direct flight in first class instead at 9:30 am. So I hung around a little while and the flight was good. When I got off I went for the bus as I still had a couple hours to check in.

I met these gay guys on the bus and it turns out they're on the cruise. I'm going over to their hotel tomorrow at two to catch a taxi with them.

So while I was at Pearson the zipper on my bag exploded and I had to go buy a new one. While I was there I also bought the Spanish equivalent of the IPOD. I'm listening to it now, it SEEMS to work ok, but the random function doesn't work that well. If it skips to number 41 say and you don't like 41 so you hit next, it won't go to another random song, it will go to number 42. It's annoying. At least this one seems to play music, unlike my last one which blew up.

I checked into the hostel and asked if the beach was nearby and they said a block away:

It's like 25 degrees Celsius here, perfect for wearing shorts or lounging on the beach.
I walked around the beach and came to the gay part of the beach, which was small. I love this new super zoom lens, you can get some great shots without anyone being the wiser:

If my blog is family friendly for this trip I have done something wrong.
I watched some boys play volleyball:

Then I went out to get some night shots. It looks just like the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City game here.

There seems to be 2 gay bars here and they're both loaded to the brim with people. Apparently it's quite common to have your wallet or cell phone stolen at these places so maybe I'll give them a miss?
Cruising tomorrow. More so. With all the gays in town, a few have looked at me. I feel like fresh meat! It's terrible! Well, terribly good.

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