Saturday, January 3, 2009


This photo has been my desktop wallpaper for 2008.

It's Daniel Radcliffe, I put it up to remind myself of my trip to England to see him. It's not that he's super hot or anything, just unusual, which I value. Who wants normality?

I need a new desktop shot I've decided. What do other people use?
This is my desktop for work:

I used this as I'm kind of obsessed with this movie right now and this shot screams "SEX" which is totally inappropriate for work, which is a plus.

Let's see what others have.

My fav so far:


Sometimes I feel the older I get, the younger I get.
The more content, the less content.
The happier, the sadder.

And everywhere I go people ask "Well what do you want?"
If I had any idea would I be asking these questions?

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