Friday, January 9, 2009

Found art ubu

Went to Mercer Union tonight for an art gallery opening.
It was all found art from ubu web. But try and find any of it on that website. I couldn't.
Most of these are self explanatory. They're all signs this guy found around town in New York City.

Here's the artist:

I was wondering if he was wearing "found clothes".

Have you ever stopped to wonder what sort of weirdo you are?

This one from a distance:

And when you zoom in on the bottom:

I love this one:

It's like someone put up a notice for a found pet, but it's a pigeon. They found a pigeon on the streets of New York City and put up a "found" poster for it.
This random woman in the crowd was holding on to a fox fur:

Don't kill or eat animals.
Another aspect to the show was there short story artworks created on MS Word.

And some weird music graph thing that Joe liked.

I close with more of the good stuff, the found signs:

I love that in the bottom right "There was no sex in the 1960 incident".

I have to go. I have syphilis of the brain.

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