Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Rockin' Eve

An amazing time, probably the best New Years in 10 years.
I get incredibly nervous when I go out late and I have a general feeling I'm going to die and I can't breathe. Which is a negative. It took me about 30 minutes to get over it enough to be able to leave the house tonight.
I think the problem last night was the audience was too old. Mid to late 30's. The average age tonight was about 24 and it was a great fun time, no one took it too seriously. Plus there was tons of gays there. You're as hung, I mean young, as who you feel.
Here's the stage. Easy to tell the time:

Here's me, debuting my "Stalking John Caffrey" shirt.

Plus the crowd was full of emo's and I fit right in with my hoodie. I was in style! For once.
And baby new year himself:

Joe is great fun. I love him. We fuck the night! No seriously, he doesn't dance well but he never backs down from a challenge, he has his own mind, and he's not afraid to let down his hair. Love him.
There was a brief stripping contest:

My boyfriend went to the Barn tonight, a gay bar, but was there anything this gay going on there?:

Well there probably was actually, but maybe not this early.
The warm up act was great, a mix of aerobics, dancing and a Soul Train style line dance. "I love black people!"

The guy on the trumpet for the main act, the Bicycles, was hot:

Plus the band was GREAT! There's another all ages show on Jan 17th they're playing I'm going to. The big draw is they'll have pizza! Which I can't eat, but a room full of young gays sounds ok.
I asked some random lady on the street to take our picture:

And that was it, an amazing time!

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