Wednesday, January 21, 2009


More negativity today.
This time from someone I volunteer with. I was copied on an email where he said bad things about me, among other things that I'm a drama queen. And perhaps I was, perhaps I still am, but I'm trying to get away from that.

I responded back, trying to think "what would the wise person do?". So I didn't attack back. I just said these issues are best resolved in person, not in an email to 17 people, and that I was disappointed this happened.

Ultimately, upon reflection, I realize this may be what the wise person would do. But the wisest person would have not responded at all.

By even acknowledging this negativity, I brought it into my life, my day. The smarter thing would have been to just steer clear of the situation. Realize that all some people have to give is negativity and stay away.

Another day, another lesson learned, and another step closer to true happiness? We'll see.

Three more sleeps. And I have a ride to the airport!

I suggested my boyfriend with the car drive me to the airport and he laughed and laughed. Then I laughed. I think even the cat laughed.

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