Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Needle Exchange

I went to the Needle Exchange last night, a show at the gay theatre Buddies in Bad Times. Here's me at dinner:

I had a veggie sub, which is basically bread with condiments on it. Yum.
Then off to the show. It was two separate shows, the first was Zona Pellucinda or something like that. The staging was amazing but the script was a bit disjointed.
Afterwards, a half hour with Keith Cole in a variety style show.
I wore a shirt I had made with the poster for the show on it and expected to be ribbed, and instead my date was called out in the first five minutes and talked about through the whole show. Upstaged!
The guests were some guy who wants to lead the provincial NDP and Todd Klink and Mandy Goodhandy who run a local sex club. Todd Klink also wrote a book which I bought and got him to sign last summer.
After the show, I showed Keith Cole my shirt and got a couple photos with him:

Every night the show has different guests and I explained how I wanted to come back but they said I had to pay $30 for a whole ticket when I only wanted to see half the show. He said I could come anytime and tell the door he said it was ok.
So tonight I went back. This lesbian on the door was questioning me, like I would make up that he said that, and she made someone go get the star of the show to vouch for me which was embarrassing. I had a feeling he'd say "Who the fuck are you?" but to my surprise, he was like "Oh, Adam! Yeah, he's ok, let him in." Which was very cool. Then he said "Ladies and Gentlemen, Adam!" which was strange because it was just the three of us standing in the hallway.

Anyway, I went and sat down and the show started and he announced the guests were all OWL's (Older Wiser Lesbians). So they had the head of EGALE, RM Vaughan, and Susan G Cole, editor of Now magazine. The show was great again. At one point Keith started complaining about how the Globe and Mail never reviewed his show and some guy stood up and said "I'm from the Globe and Mail. I'm here to review the show" which was quite funny.
Another funny part from tonight was how he said he wasn't afraid to play the gay card. He's like "So I call up Sympatico, and they give me a hard time, and I'm like 'I'm poor and I'm faggy' and they give me a free month."

What really pissed me off was I had two prints from the show blown up. My idea was to get Keith Cole and John Caffrey to sign them, keep them for a while and then donate them to the archives. I kind of worried I was coming off as a crazed stalker last night so I didn't get Keith Cole to sign the poster. I brought the posters to work to bring with me tonight but realized I had forgotten to bring a marker so I didn't bring the posters tonight. So of course 5 minutes into the show John Caffrey sits beside me and it was the perfect opportunity to have them both sign it. D'oh.

I may go back again, we'll see.

In other news, I've been going to yoga every day. I occasionally think about writing about it as stuff sometimes happens there but then as I go about my day I forget. Today the class starts and the lady says "This is an advanced class today. Everyone ready, 1-2-3..." and then it was non-stop for an hour. I wasn't expecting that, it was a bit too much. Plus I took my shirt off for the class for the first time today. Every day I have to wear one shirt to yoga and another home and its a lot of laundry. I think I actually sweat more with my shirt off, and with nothing to catch the sweat it ran into my nose, my eyes, my mouth. Fun!

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