Sunday, January 25, 2009


I got a tattoo.

It's a Chinese character meaning "zen".
I had been thinking about it for a long time and there are tons of tattoo places around here. It was $80.
It's to:
1. Help me focus on calmness and serenity
2. It looks cool
3. It's to help me realize that I'm 30. I used to think how terrible it would be to have something that lasts forever on your body but I now realize I won't last forever. What's the point of dying with a perfect body?

I'm thinking of getting the gay flag on my ankle too. But between my new luggage, mp3 player and the tattoo I don't have any more money so I'd better wait.
It hurt a fair bit. The worst part was the times it felt like my arm was being slit open with a razor blade. That kind of sucked.

2 comments: said...

You are too funny my brave boy!

Don't forget that when you finish the trip you are going to start investing in your future and that $80 buck tattoo could have been a new something to go in your home owned by you.

Glad to hear you are having fun. I hear tattoos are addictive and as soon as you forget the pain you will go and get more. Sounds like child birth stories to me!
Love Aunt Jo xoxoxoxoxo

Danny said...

I hope it really doesn't matter about the "Chinese" thing, but that is actually the Japanese character for Zen.

Zen Character

It is really minor, but in Chinese, there are two squares at the top of the second character. Japanese has the three dots.

Maybe you can go back and ask them to finish the tattoo!