Monday, January 26, 2009

Cruise Ship - Monday

Me sunburned

My roommate


Me in front of Miami

Drag magic act


Charlie, the CUTE dancer staff boy

The mall

Me at the back of the boat

Me with Levi and the hostess of drag bingo

Levi showing where to mark the cards

Project Runway winning outfit

Heidi Klum?

Me with unfortunate wind


Party ship!
Jan 26, 2009

The internet is slower than molassas and costs 55 cents a minute so I will add pictures later.

I had some time to kill yesterday before I got to the ship so I decided to go to the beach. South beach is beautiful and all the gays were out waiting for the ship to leave. There's this thing at the gay beach where you go down in regular cargo shorts and then strip off to reveal your micro swim suit. I didn't get the memo so I just lay there in my shorts reading my book. It was quite nice to relax, and I didn't put on any sun screen as I wanted a tan. Half an hour on each side I thought would do it. Turns out it was far too long and now I am burned to a near crisp. Getting on board went pretty easy and then it was party party party! I like that I look better than a lot of guys here, I was worried not having a 6 pack would be a disadvantage.I walked around a lot of the ship, then off to a singles cocktail party which was a leper colony so I ran out. I then lost my camera but it was quickly returned to guest services. Then off to the Charro show. She played guitar and was ok but I'm not that into her, I had no idea who she was before this cruise. Then I went to the casino and lost $20 in 15 minutes. I couldn't believe the money went so fast so when I was down to my last $6 I cashed out and bet everything on black. My roommate is black! It landed on red.Then off to a crappy comedy show we walked out of, some shopping in the mall on the boat and then a drag magic show.Today was breakfast and Project Runway on the ship which was SUPER fun. $31 for bingo is the biggest rip off but it was fun drag bingo. Next time I think I may just watch. You could also play with this electronic bingo card thing for $65! Yikes! For one 60 minute game of bingo!
After that a dog tag dance. They put stickers on your tags, like red if you're in a relationship, yellow if maybe and green if looking. Two green stamps means "Meet me in my room in 15 minutes". So I just said "Put as many green stickers on as the thing will hold!"
Kind of cruisy here but no luck so far. I have a roommate and it seems like such a committment to bring someone to the room. I kissed a couple passing strangers and got felt up in the lobby. Still fun. The guy I rode in the taxi here had three guys already! It was suggested that maybe nothing has happened as I have standards which sounds good. Will the people on the boat get better looking as the week goes on?
Actually I'm having a great time. I'm off to a singles dinner, then topless dice boys in the casino, then a comedy showcase and an ice show followed by a comedy show and an all night dance. Phew!

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