Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Got all the details of my cruise today and my flight. It all looks great.

There's a cruise guide available here.

There is a list of the themes for the nightly parties including Mardi Gras, Brazil and disco.

I am on deck 8, interior stateroom 8375. Second floor from the top.

My roommate's name is Alberto Brito.
A google search reveals it could be this guy:
Or it could be this guy:

Guess which I would prefer.

It talks about entertainment and shows and mentions Charo will be there opening night. Whoever that is.

Then it gives hints to two more special guests. I can't guess either hint. Help me please.

1) Surprise Musical Guest in Concert
A bell. What clue could be easier to ring true...

2) Surprise Guest Star
When they're unexpectedly unemployed, the best just pick up and head to the next
show. Lucky for us!

When I booked the cruise I asked if there were any side excursions, they said no. So today I got a 29 page booklet with all the optional side excursions. Sigh. They're all very expensive but they have a lot of options. Everything from "Bus to nice beach - $60" to "Ride a Harley motorcycle for 6 hours around the island - $450". I'm thinking of not booking them right now, in case I meet people and want to do what they're doing.

It says a call to land is $7.95 per minute and it says internet is available on board but is VERY expensive. Great.

There's even a Facebook group of people going on the cruise.

I think the musical guest is Anita Ward "Ring My Bell"
I think the actor is Harvey Firestein, just out of Hairspray on Broadway.

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Jack P. said...

The musical guest is probably Anita Ward, who had a massive hit with "Ring My Bell" in the seventies. It's a classic disco song.

Have a great time!