Friday, August 8, 2008

Baltimore Day 2: The Orioles

I had some comment about my new kill people with 10 witnesses policy. I think I should clarify. I believe the aim of prison is to chill these people out and help them reintegrate into society. This guy who cut off a strangers head will never be able to be put into general circulation. He's defective, dismiss him.
In other news, I felt sorry for a homeless man today as I was leaving the ballpark. I have so much in comparison, I guess it's ok to give them a buck every now and then. Not the guy near my house, I still hate him and he falls into the category of defect described above, but other generic people.
I just spent 30 minutes trying to rotate a video and it froze my computer so no fireworks video today, but they were good.
So I started off today going to
Geppi's Entertainment Museum which was good.
Lots of comic books:

and cool vintage Batman stuff.
Check out the knife and fork:
Holy chow time Batman!
There's an anime convention in town and the Virgin Music Festival so the streets are filled with strange people dressed up in costumes from Japanese shows and slackers. Interesting mix.
The hostel here has a guest book and someone signed "Other hostels should take example from this place - like the one in D.C." which is where I'm going to next, oh joy!
I then went to the Museum of Industry. I'm not sure why I had decided to go here, maybe it was the old-timey shop:

but when I got there it was a total bust. I was out of the place in ten minutes. It's a museum for the history of working in Boston. So there's a room with big machines. Another room on the metal working industry. And another room on the history of paint. Seriously. Can we watch some dry please?
Leaving here I got lost. Someone said there was a bus on Charles so once I found Charles I started looking for it. No luck. There was no bus. I had been wandering about 30 minutes and was dying of heat and I think I dislocated my leg so after I hobbled home I had a nap for a couple hours. I don't know how people travel for a year, and it's another reason why I don't want to. I am tired.
So I woke up and walked down to Oriole park. The bus here is only $1.60 or $3.50 for the day but try ever finding one. I may try and take it to the bus terminal. That is if I can lift my bag onto the bus. Today I bought a pair of Gap army style jeans at the Goodwill for $6 and a Baltimore t-shirt. Something else I have nowhere to put.
I remember I bought some navy style pants once and wore them to work. I told my friend Craig the style was called 'brig'. He said 'That's 'cause you should 'brig them back!' So I'm expecting a similar response.
Finally at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

I traded in my ticket. For some reason I could only find balcony seats on the net and wanted floors as this was my main game I wanted to see. So they gave me a credit and charged me the difference and I ended up 13 rows behind home plate. Pretty close:
So I was happy.
Some fool was sitting in front of me:
Here's a couple more.

And I broke the blue stripey shirt policy of wearing blue in all my ball-park pictures:

So after the game they had a fireworks show. I was expecting it to be half-assed but they used their whole asses and it lasted like 20 minutes.

Tomorrow the Museum district and the Maryland Historical Society which I'm expecting to be six ladies quilting and drinking tea, the gay village and the musical Bare.
PS. The radio mentioned Josh Hamilton of the Rangers had a well documented history of addiction so I thought I'd look it up.

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