Saturday, August 30, 2008

Today, the good news

Here's another shot of Archives hottie:

I'm beginning to think he doesn't have eyes from these pictures. This shot is in honour of the fact that he gave me $100 for the AIDS Walk. What the fuck is up with that? Is he crazy? He works for a charity, he has no money. I gave him like $75 for the bike ride to Toronto, and I'm just walking around the block. Yikes!
I also got $50 from my dad which is the most anyone has ever sponsored me before Archives hottie so I'm really breaking the bank this year. I've got $345! Every year my mom beats me by raising over $300 from people in Minden who don't have enough money to rub two sticks together. How? Dunno. Anyway, this year I beat her! Suck it mom!
Today I went with my dad to the park and lunch:

And I also got my computer back! Yahoo!
The negative thing is I had to give up my laptop to be fixed, so now I can't watch TV in bed with my glasses off for a whole week! Plus no Golden Girls! Will I live? We'll see.
I also went to pick up my refund for bathhouse the musical at Buddies. I went to the show last night and it was canceled with a sign on the door saying refunds Tues-Sat between 12 and 5. So I show up and they said they don't give refund on Saturdays. Why? Is it bad luck? So they said to come back during the week. Too bad I work for a living.
When I got back from lunch I was bored so I went down to the Archives and spent 7 hours listing their surplus items on eBay. I like doing it as I get to handle all the stuff and take a couple for myself occasionally, and I get the fun of watching my item price go higher and higher without spending money. But still 7 hours today and 5 hours yesterday is a long time. What did I do before the Archives? Oh yeah, drink a lot.

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Christapuppy said...

Robert Windrum just announced that he's leaving the CLGA. But he runs and rides all the time, so you will probably see him somewhere else; he's hardly a wallflower.

Funny - looking back through your posts, I saw that I was at Progressive Field the day after you.