Friday, August 29, 2008

Busy Beaver

Sometimes you don't blog because there's nothing to talk about, and sometimes you don't blog because you're so busy.
This is the later.
Went to see the 400 Blows, a classic French movie, on Tuesday.
That was probably the highlight of the week. I wouldn't be a good reviewer, I never know what to say. This movie was... good. I could indentify with portions, like when he's growing up and having trouble finding a place he fits in.
Wednesday was a photo shoot for Fab magazine and the prize I won. They took about 100 shots so expect to see one here next Thursday. Then off to a Final Fantasy concert. It was death.
Yesterday saw A Streetcar Named Desire. It was at a church and we were hanging around outside waiting to go in with a large group of men. Turns out we were waiting in line for the local AA meeting to start. Whoops.
The hottie I'm trying to whoo is 45 years old! How the Hell did that happen? I'll post a picture of him when I get my computer back.
In other news, him and I are going to see Johnny Hazzard:

Performing something called an "X-rated Show" at the bathhouse on Sat Sept 20. I have no idea what an x rated show is, but when in Rome....
How can a book with gay pirates be bad?

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