Friday, August 15, 2008

Cleveland: Almost done!

I am poor. How poor? I have $40. I need $20 to get to the bus station tomorrow so it's a very good thing I'm done! I had planned to go to New York for my birthday to see Billy Elliott and now that is off, I can't do this again so soon. I enjoyed it, but now that I have so little money I'm glad its done.
I woke up this morning about 9 and headed to the free breakfast for a muffin, then I grabbed 2 more muffins and a banana which was dinner.
The driver was waiting for me at 11 which was cool, he was a really nice guy, he just looked scary. I got to the bus station and waited a couple hours and was off.
The bus driver I think it was his first minute on the planet as he made several u-turns and at one point went the wrong way down the highway for 30 minutes. The bus was full and when he asked people who knew the way to step forward and give him directions, that wasn't good.
We pulled in about 5:30 and I went to get a bus to the hotel, they run every half hour and it became clear I wouldn't be able to get to the hotel and back to the game in time.
They had lockers at the bus station and I rented one and then proceeded to try to stuff my things into it. It didn't fit so I had to unpack my bags to get it all in.
I then headed over to the stadium.

It was good, when I walked in I was really glad I was there.

Every stadium I go to I get the souvenir cup and the baseball card team set. The team set was on sale as a one-day promotion, I was just going to get it later off the net but it was less than $5. Then came the matter of the cup. It was $5 and I couldn't afford it so I ended up pulling one out of the trash and washing it in the bathroom. Bad times, but I got it!
They had a cool history section of the park:

and here's some more shots.

The Indians were playing the Orioles whom I liked better so I wasn't really rooting. The Orioles share the basement of the AL East, now with Toronto, and you have to root for teams that aren't the Yankees or the Red Sox, I like supporting the little guy.
After the game I headed over and picked up my stuff. As I was leaving this taxi hit me up for a ride and as I was getting in I saw this bus drive past. D'oh! Oh well, it would have been a mile walk after I got off the bus anyway. Now the bus only comes once an hour so I'll probably taxi it back in the morning, leaving me with an emergency $20! Let's hope there's no emergency.
I have like 30 channels and the best thing on is Revenge of the Nerds 3. Why do people own these things? Plus the internet keeps cutting out. Yipee.
Anyway, so I get to the hotel with $40 in my pocket and $68 on my credit card and luckily the front desk clerk was gay and sympathetic as my credit card failed. He explained that they hold an extra 10% for extras. I offered to put some on the card and pay the difference, he said they couldn't do that. D'oh! So luckily he booked me in at the special medical emergency rate which was lower and the charge went through! Hurray! So I got the gay discount and now I have $1 on my card and all will be well as long as I get home. Wish me luck! Tomorrow at 11:25 I'll be on the way!

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