Monday, August 4, 2008

Philadelphia, or ARGH!! Run for your life.

Well I was wondering where all the black and poor people were in Boston. Call of the search. They're here.

The town is scary, the hostel is literally down a back alley and looks like the Bates Motel. I am sharing a room with about 20 other guys. I am on the top bunk.

I was worried about only being here 2 full days, now it feels generous.

I tried to see the building where the constitution was signed but I stepped onto the street and two armed guards told me to step back. You're not allowed even onto the street in front of the building.

I can't connect to the internet here AGAIN but I'm scared to even step outside here so I won't be wondering at night with my computer.

Hoping daylight will chase some scary people away.

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