Saturday, August 2, 2008

Boston Day 2

I have to be quick as I am literally sitting in an abandoned bus shelter in the middle of a construction site so I can connect to the internet from the hotel across the street. I could be jumped at any minute or the Asian couple speaking Mandarin sitting beside me may save me, I'm not sure. Why would they choose to sit beside a strange man sitting in an old bus shelter at midnight, I'm also not sure.

Yesterday wasn't so great. The bus trip was ok and the border was easy for the first time in my life but the constant checks by the secret police and border guards checking everyone's papers was a bit off putting. I have been to Auschwitz. I see where this road leads. What is the point of stopping a Greyhound bus in Syracuse at 5 am to check for foreigners? Reporting your neighbours, secret prisoner camps. 50 years from now when they're confronted with the horrors of the society they created will the Americans be ready to take responsibility? Will I be thrown out of the country for typing this? Big Brother is watching.

Apparently this bus station is not abandoned as a bus came and the Asians got in it leaving me alone. And by alone I mean with a large black man giving me the eye and no streetlights. So I went for a short walk around the block until more people came and now I'm back! The things I do to blog.

So I decided to be in vacation mode and not rush my feet off. This was also decided for me as I couldn't find the museum yesterday. I found a sign for the museum and followed it for 10 minutes. I stopped to ask directions at a bookstore full of cats (see yesterday) and she told me to walk back in the direction I came from. So I walk 30 minutes back, passing the museum sign and I see another museum sign telling me to keep going in the direction I'm now headed. I believe there is no museum and people just put these signs up to have fun with tourists.

Boston is very nice, wealthy, all white people which is creeping me out. Where do they hide everyone else?

They put a statue of my in the town square which was nice:

So this morning there was a large book sale at the library so I showed up and it was like someone had yelled "free porn!" or something as there was 500 people for 500 books. But it wasn't a total loss as they had a gallery of WW I posters:

Which were pretty cool, and free.
I'm trying not to spend a lot of money but it seems to be going somewhere. Perhaps there's a hole in my pocket. Or in my head for thinking I could go on vacation and spend little money. I get paid on Wednesday, I just have to last until then.
Tomorrow I'm sleeping in and going to another game, then I thought I'd walk the freedom trail and go see the documentary American Teen. And then Monday is traveling so I really only need enough for Tuesday, right? Ha, ha.
Anyway, back to today. Having given up on the museum I went to the Science Centre, featuring a butterfly conservatory. I got this girl to take a picture of me surrounded by 500 butterflies and she decides she's Ansel Adams and goes for a professional shot and zooms in on my face and misses the butterflies entirely.

Then off to the Red Sox game, thank God the rain stopped. On the way in I thought about scalping my ticket because I paid $100 for it and the game was sold out and I could use the money and I'm going to the game tomorrow. One man offered me $20 and another offered me $50. Am I missing something? So I went to the game and I'm glad I did. It was probably the best ball park I've ever been to. There was a great atmosphere at the Cubs but at Fenway they eat baseball for breakfast. People had team jerseys over their team shirts and team watches and team radios. These people are NUTS for the Red Sox and the atmosphere was catching.
I sat near this guy from Toronto and we talked briefly about how much the Big Skirt sucked:

Fenway holds 37,000 people and it was packed to the rafters. Every seat was a good one. Really an amazing park.

I got a good picture of me in the park from after the game:

And I took a picture of their scoreboard as Hell will probably never freeze over again, but TAMPA IS 3 GAMES UP IN AUGUST! SUCK IT SOX NATION!

P.S. My one extravagance today was at the Science Centre. They had a baseball exhibit straight from the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown with over 500 items. I sent myself an e-postcard which you should be able to see by clicking here. Some of the coolest were vintage baseball games and board games, table games, etc. and they had a tin replica for $30.

I tried to resist but I just love it too much. The men are magnetic and where they go up to bat you press the button and the wheel spins giving you 30 or so options of what can happen on that pitch. Then there's different rules if someone is on first and second, the wheel might say the guy steals third or something. I can't wait to play with everyone I know. This means you.

PPS. Last thing. It's now 1 am and I am probably being targeted by 6 gangs and they're fighting amongst themselves as to which one gets to beat me up and steal my computer. The drag bar yesterday was full of WOMEN! Like 300 women and 20 gay men and 40 straight (?) tranny chasers. The women were all there for different stagette or birthday parties and they spent the whole night shoving dollar bills down the tops of the fake women. I did it myself and at least one of them had real breasts. It was very strange. When was gay drag culture taken over by drunk women?

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