Monday, August 11, 2008


I got some good pictures of Washington. Once again I have no internet here and joy of joys, the zipper on my bag broke about an hour ago. Screwed, blued, tatooed.
It's not the main zipper, yet, it's the front pocket where I keep my computer so now I'll have to wear that around my neck.
The bus station is in the worst part of town I've ever seen. The parks have all become shanty towns for the homeless and they aren't afraid to ask for money, follow you around, talk for hours (I have no idea what they're saying...)
So Tuesday morning my bus leaves at 5:45 and I have to walk the mile and a quarter to the bus terminal carrying my 100 lb bag with the broken zipper. I figure it's a good thing, the cover of night may provide some protection from the bullets. I must remember to wear a black shirt.....
Tomorrow the Holocaust Memorial and the movie Boy A is playing around the corner.

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J. said...

Is the "blued" part like "black and blue"? That is to say, bruised?