Sunday, August 10, 2008

Baltimore Day 3: Bare

I am still a bit sleepy and I've been working on trying to get the new Cazwell single and video for an hour, it's now 1:30.
This morning I had to change rooms which involved packing up all my stuff. So I first had a boiling hot shower with no water pressure, then packed it all up. I tried to put my heavy stuff in the smaller bag but I think my bag is still too heavy as I can't lift it. My plan for tomorrow is to just get to the bus station and then stash all my heavy stuff somewhere, weigh in, and then put it all back before I get on the bus. Wish me luck.
Here's a picture of my new room:

It's better, a bit smaller.
Then I walked over to the Art Museum. It's about 4 miles so I thought I could break it up by stopping and the Maryland Historical Society and the gay village on the way. Historical Society was closed and I only found one gay bar, also closed. And there appeared to be no other gay places nearby. So the 4 miles just flew by.
On the way I saw a train station:

and what may be the best movie poster ever:

Finally I was there. The place was useless. What constitutes are obviously varies greatly from person to person. I took one picture:

A self-portrait of Warhol. I was out in about 10 minutes.
I picked up a local paper which said there was a gay bar at Charles and some other street I couldn't find on the map. Seeing as I had just walked 4 miles on Charles and hadn't seen a thing, I figured it must be up ahead. So I kept walking. For another 2 miles. Then I hit the highway and took the bus back.
Back in my room I looked up gay Baltimore on the net and found the main intersection. Turns out I had passed it, how was that possible?
So I headed out again, this time only .5 miles and when I got there:

That is the entire gay village. The website had said there was good window shopping on this street. Do you see shopping? One bar, closed, and at the end of the right a coffee shop. Whoopee.
I walked around looking for other signs of life, but no, this was it. There was a gay community centre over a shop, also closed, and that was it. No book store, no trinkets, no antiques. Nada.
So I came back to the hostel and had another nap and then off to see Bare: The Musical.

I was really looking forward to it. Apparently there's a few musicals with primarily gay themes but I've never heard of any of them until a week ago.
The main store was set in a Catholic boarding school about two boys who fall in love and one wants to come out, the other doesn't. Some great songs, including 'God Don't Make No Trash':

'Preaching hate, but I'm saying 'wait!'
Where did Jesus mention that?
Some are small, some are dumb
Keep on pushing, change will come
Till then just keep in sight
God is on your side

People pointing fingers
You feel free to point it back
Two folks want to fall in love
If no one's hurt, what's wrong with that?
God is love all the time
Search your soul and I think you'll find
God don't make no trash
And if you're wondering why I'm a fan
It's because there's a black woman inside the soul of every gay man
God don't make no,
God don't make no,
God don't make no trash!'

And Plain Jane Fat Ass.
Anyway, show was great and a benefit for the Community Centre. They had wine and cheese afterwards with the cast and everyone seemed to know someone but me. They had a Chinese Auction and I put in tickets to win a chocolate basket and a spa set but I'm glad I didn't win as I'd have to put them on my head.
Maybe for the bus I can just wear 7 shirts and three pairs of pants? That would clear up some room.

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