Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Philadelphia Day 3: The Way Out

The internet here really sucks! I can get a connection with one bar that keeps flashing in and out. Sometimes I can upload a whole picture before it cuts out, causing me to take 2 hours to do a blog post and hence the reason yesterday's is still not done. I'll keep writing and post them whenever I get to civilization.
The reason they said I couldn't connect was because I am using an old network card, she advised me to go get it replaced. I found a place about 12 blocks from here in Chinatown that will do it but I am poor and I don't want to walk 12 blocks each way with my laptop in the scorching heat for something I may not need tomorrow. (Let's hope!)
I am screwed, blued and tattooed again. I have bought like nothing except I picked up some free magazines and I bought some shoes for $10 at Walmart and now my bag is so full I can't fit anything else in it. Now I have 2 bags, about 50 lbs each, and my shoulder bag and a plastic grocery bag. Screwed, blued, tattooed. I doubt Greyhound changed their policies in the last 48 hours to allow 4 bags each over 50 lbs. We'll see if I can even get to my neck stop or if I'll be hitchhiking the rest of the way. I just remembered I haven't bought my ticket yet! And I just put money on my card which will take 2 days to hit, so for the whole day tomorrow I have a whopping $30. Screwed.
Anyway, back to today. I went to the zoo this morning which was good, America's oldest zoo. I spent a lot of time talking with the docent about the two-toed sloth:

He was older than sand and had cataracts but was cute nonetheless.
They also let their peacocks roam free for some reason:

I was hoping one would bit a screaming child or at last make a run at one and scare them but not today. I assume that's why they let them run free....
I went over to the petting zoo but it was pitiful. Like 4 fat old goats stepping on each other for food pellets.
This guy was pretty cute:

On the way back I got off the shuttle bus early to check out City Hall:

It's massive and in the middle of the road and takes up a full block. Really nice, really imposing, and in the middle of it is a courtyard where they show movies in the summer outside, like last week's 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert' which just screams Philadelphia. Well, brotherly love anyway.

Afterwards off to the gay village which is actually quite large in area although not much is gay oriented. Found a book store called Giovanni's Room which was pretty good. Then back to the hostel and a short 2 mile walk to the nearest Walmart for $10 shoes and a good look around and then a confusing ride home in the dark!

Tomorrow off to Baltimore, which I have been looking forward to the most on this trip. My bus leaves at 10:35, I don't know why I picked that one, it seems early. I could look up the next one if I had internet for more than 10 seconds at a time.

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