Monday, August 11, 2008

Washington Day 2: The Case of the Pink Triangle

I still have no internet on my laptop so no pictures and quick blog.
My hostel has lots of great features like the window falling out on the 7th floor and having air gushing in and the broke elevator which means a 7 story walk up the stairs.
I woke up late today, noon, and got to the Holocaust Museum at 1. The first available ticket was for 2:45 so I killed time at their vegetarian cafe.
This place has the only confirmed pink triangle on planet earth. So I get in, it was VERY crowded, and start looking. Not there. Three floors of exhibits. Not there.
So I ask the guide, who asks someone else, who tells me to go to the fifth floor resource room.
I go to the 5th floor and ask the lady. I wait 30 minutes, sitting looking at the wall. She comes back with a print out description of what it is (it has a number on it) and tells me it's on display on the 3rd floor.
I go back downstairs but am not allowed re-entry to the exhibits so I sneak in the exit when the guard isn't looking. I went to Berlin to look for this thing, I'm not leaving without seeing it.
I get to where they said it was on the 3rd floor, not there.
I call the guard over, he looks, not there.
We go back downstairs, he calls people, I wait another 30 minutes. He says it's not on display. I ask where it is, he says offsite. I ask if I can see it, he says I'll have to make an appointment, come back another day, blah, blah.
I go back upstairs to the lady on the 5th floor and she says "As I told you, it was probably removed becuase it's authenticity has been questioned...." which she never told me. She says to email her for a picture of it as everyone's on vacation.
Now it's 5:30, the museum is closing and I've spent the whole day here.

I was frustrated. Everything to eat was closed. Went to see Boy A and had popcorn for dinner.
Internet running low on time, gotta go.

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