Sunday, August 24, 2008

Writing Outside the Margins

Went to the Writing Outside the Margins literary festival today.
When I got there I saw the Children's tent:

Bustling with excitement. That was a good idea.
The main reason I went is to see John Cameron Mitchell:

He is a genius and the man who wrote and starred in my favourite movie of all time Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
For some reason he and the interviewer stood REALLY far away from each other:

But he was amazing. A real inspiration for gay men everywhere. He's very comfortable with himself and includes his sexuality in all his work.

The f is sticking on my laptop. Plus it's much slower than my desktop. I left it with my father to be fixed. I was thinking as I was riding home from his house last night. I remember a time in my life when I couldn't think of him without getting angry and now all that is forgotten (or orgotten, stupid keyboard). Not that anything really changed, but one thing I really like about getting older is how I can now see everyone as a person. That everyone has faults and everyone is trying their best with what their given.
Anyway, Todd Klinck was also there and I got him to sign his book. I believe its important to support local authors, especially when they run huge porn empires.
Stewart Lewis was also there:

He is the first person signed to the new Here! label, the first all gay TV network in the USA. So I wanted to hear him sing, as I was denied the chance when I went to see Jersey Boys on Thursday. Turns out he's an author too so he read from his books. They were ok, but at the end he was selling the book for $15 with a free copy of his CD! So I got it, I don't actually have a CD player right now, or a DVD player, but maybe some day!
My trip will be Paris and Amsterdam. Plan that for me would you?
Oh yes, last thing.
At the festival today they had an open mike session. That was death. I thought I should have brought something from my blog and read that. To me, what you're reading should be original, should be relateable, and a laugh couldn't hurt. These people had none of these things.
"My eggs
He swims to me
Yellow buttercup flowers
on a rainy day.
Lesbian in trouble.
There's a typical poem. Ugh. If I ever have 5 minutes, I may try to put something together to get published.
This week laundry, The 400 Blows at the Bloor, Archives, Final Fantasy concert, A Streetcar Named Desire (the play), Bathhouse the Musical and Avenue Q. And the CNE and a Labour Day parade.

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