Monday, May 7, 2012

Signed: Beautiful Thing by Jonathan Harvey

I'm really enjoying this talking about my signed books thing.  I keep thinking I'm going to run out soon but I appear to be in no immediate danger.I've got my whole lifetime to display.

I knew there was little chance of me meeting Jonathan Harvey.  I went through my books in September and picked out about 10 that I thought were important to me for one reason or another, and the screenplay for Beautiful Thing was definately on that list.  My favourite movie and a great story, I sent it to England.

I found Mr. Harvey's address on the internet, it turns out he is working at a small theatre company and so I sent it to him care of the theatre.  Return postage is always an issue, I went on the website for the British postal system.  Unlike some, you can buy postage online no matter where you live, however it does specify you then have to mail the item either that day or the next day, after that the postage is worthless.  I figured no one checks that closely and bought the postage, put it on my return envelope, and sent the book to England.  To my surprise it came shortly back with this amazing inscription and signature by Mr Harvey, so thanks to him!

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