Thursday, May 31, 2012

Toronto Public Library - new gay titles

The Toronto Public Library has released a pamphlet, a copy of which can be found at your local branch or at the CLGA, which showcases their many new acquisitions of LGBT books for 2012.
It's a great exhaustive list, my only complaint is I wish they put ebooks on the list.

One of the gripes I have with our society is the way it caters to children.  "Family friendly" events easily get tax dollars and public support, but adult only events, like Pride or Black & Blue in Montreal, often struggle for funds.  I don't have kids, I pay taxes, I'm an adult, and I don't see why some of the money I pay should not be used to fund events I attend and support.

It seems someone out there was listening, as in addition to LGBT books for youth, trans and lesbians, the following are some of the erotic gay works that can now be found for free at your local library! All of these books are from the aforementioned 2012 LGBT books pamphlet.

(Vancouver Nights looks good, I'm going to reserve it.)

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Anonymous said...

As the selector of LGBT materials for the Toronto Public Library, and creator of that list - thank you for the positive feedback! I'll make sure to include some eBook titles on the brochure next year (what can I say, I'm old school - a complete oversight on my part! lol ;-)

Paul D.