Friday, May 11, 2012

Signed: The Snow Garden by Christopher Rice

I met Christopher Rice in Provincetown on August 20, 2010.  It helps to save the receipt inside the books, it lets you know when you bought it.

I was there on vacation and I knew Rice was signing his new hardcover book.  I had read his first book, A Density of Souls, and didn't care for it, so I wasn't really lining up to pay $30 for the new book.

I got to the book shop about 30 or 40 minutes after the event started and the store was sold out of the new hardcover and had only about 3 or 4 paperback books left, all of which were soon snapped up.  I managed to get The Snow Garden, which sounded like it had an interesting plot, but I still haven't been interested enough to actually pick it up after the disappointment with Density.

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