Monday, May 14, 2012

Signed: Gay Bar by Will Fellows and Helen P. Branson

I found the book Gay Bar by Helen Branson while working at the CLGA. I wanted to buy a copy of the book so I could read it but when I found a single copy on ebay a week or so later, it quickly went over $100 and out of the range of what I was willing to pay.

Being a volunteer has it's privledges, I was able to make a copy of the short book and I read the photocopies at home.  I loved the book, it was published in 1957 and tells the story of a real straight-talkin' lady who ran a gay bar in Los Angeles.  So many cool things in the book, the best of all is Helen's attitude, she doesn't take any bull. 

I later found on that Will Fellows was re-issuing the book with new material and ordered it happily. When I was sending out my few books this past September, getting this seminal book signed was definately near the top of my list.  I contacted Will and he agreed to sign it and sent it back with two postcards as well, he seems a delightful guy.

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