Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Sugarman Bootlegs by Robert Rodi

The Sugarman BootlegsThe Sugarman Bootlegs by Robert Rodi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A solid entry from Rodi full of twists, turns, and as always fully fleshed characters.

Rodi seems ready to slash his old beach reader fiction persona with this in depth novel. It's a very well painted canvas, as all of his are, but I sometimes question his characters. This book is well written, I guarantee you'll be using the dictionary function on your Kindle to look up some of the words. But the characters are never someone I would hang out with, or particularly like, or like to hate. There were moments I liked the main character in this book but in the end they're so bat-shit crazy it didn't stick. Maybe they're just not my kind of people, but I can't imagine whose kind they would be.

That's not to say this book isn't good. Easily the best ebook exclusive I've read, there is a multi-layered story that will draw you in quickly and keep you turning page after page.

One word of warning, the Amazon preview says there's a 'mid-story switcheroo on par with Hitchcock’s "Psycho"' so I'm waiting for the main character to die, and at 75% finished I'm still waiting for it. Don't be expecting that.

I agree that anyone would like this book, gay or straight, and it deserves a wide audience.

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