Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Signed: Without You - A Memoir of Love, Loss and the Musical RENT by Anthony Rapp

I met Anthony Rapp in September, 2007 after a performance of RENT on Broadway.  I remember being so awestruck that I was on Broadway and actually meeting this man that I was speechless.  When he opened his book to sign it he looked up at me and there was practically a chorus of Angel's singing.  I had this flash that whatever he would say would change my life, that he'd ask me to run away with him, or some such thing, it all happened very fast.

Instead he shrugged, signed his name, and moved on. Later that night as I was walking backing to my hostel I realized "OH!  He was looking for me to say my name so he could insribe the book!"  Whoops.

I also met him again a few years later, more in control of myself now, when the Broadway tour hit Toronto.  I got him and the other lead actor to sign the poster, it is currently framed on my bathroom door.

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